Cookie Policy

Use of cookies

Cookies are short text files or small packets of information that are stored through the Internet browser of your end device (computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone) when you visit various sites and pages on the Internet. The main purpose of cookies is to make the user recognizable when he returns to the Website. Some cookies also have a more specific application, such as storing user behavior on the site and making it easier for the user to use the Website.


What cookies are used on this Website?

Session cookies

This type of cookie makes it easier for you to use the site, as they store information temporarily, only during the session of the browser. Usually the information that is stored through them is what goods or services you have added to the cart, which pages of the site you have visited and how you came to information. These cookies do not collect information from your end device and are automatically deleted when you leave the Website or end your browser session.


Permanent cookies

They allow us to store specific information about browsing, such as analyzing site visits, how you reached the Website, what pages you viewed, what options you chose, and where you headed through that Website. Tracking this information allows us to make improvements to the Website, including correcting errors and expanding the content. The shelf life of this type of cookies varies according to their specific purpose.


Third party cookies

Our Website contains links to other sites or embedded content from other sites, such as Facebook and Google. These cookies collect personal data and are activated after your explicit consent.


Manage cookies through our Cookie banner

You can manage the cookies on our Site using the Cookie banner that appears when the Site is launched. In the settings you will find the option to enable or disable the corresponding cookies. For convenience, we have divided the cookies into the following categories:

  • Necessary cookies - these cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site and cannot be turned off, because without them the site will not work.
  • Analytical cookies - these cookies are used for statistical purposes and help us improve our site and services. These cookies are NOT used for marketing purposes. These cookies are generally enabled until you turn them off.
  • Marketing cookies - these cookies collect personal data and pass it on to third parties such as Facebook and Google. The data collected can be used for marketing purposes. These cookies are generally turned off until you turn them on.


Manage cookies through the browser

All browsers allow the management of cookies. You can block the receipt of cookies, delete all or part of them or set your preferences regarding the use of cookies before initiating a visit to our site. Please note that deleting or blocking cookies may adversely affect the functions of our Website, and hence your user experience on it.